Instagram Forgiveness Challenge

Submission Deadline:

September 21st

How to participate

Step 1:

Follow @PoincianaChristianPrep on Instagram.

Step 2:

Allow @PoincianaChristianPrep to follow you back.

Step 3:

Include #PCPSForgiveness in your submission.


Select a line from Matthew West's "Forgiveness" meaningful to you.  Write the lyrics legibly on your submission and take a Instagram of your submission including the hashtag!  Feel free to be creative with your interpretation of the lyrics.




The class with the highest participation will win a pizza party!


Forgiveness – Matthew West


The video will be shown in chapel on October 5th!

NOTE: If you don’t have an Instagram account and would still like to participate, send submissions to
Mrs. Gonzalez at

Support a Classroom!

At Poinciana Christian Preparatory School, we have 6 high school classrooms participating in our Instagram Forgiveness Challenege. If you are not in a classroom, but are a family member or friend of our students, you can help them win the challenge!

  • • Mr. Tullis - #TeamTullis
  • • Mrs. Van Oss - #TeamVanOss
  • • Mr. Byrd - #TeamByrd
  • • Mrs. Chaney - #TeamChaney
  • • Mrs. Hawkins - #TeamHawkins
  • • Mr. Stewart - #TeamStewart


To help a classroom, include the hashtag #PCPSForgiveness and include the name of one of the classroom teachers listed above!

If your Instagram account is public, then you are good to go to participate in the challenge. However, if your account is private, in order to participate, you must follow @PoincianaChristianPrep. Allow us to follow you back so that we can see your Instagram #PCPSForgiveness submission!

by Deanna Oxner

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