Teacher's Assistant

Saint Cloud, FL

A teacher assistant is expected to aid the main classroom teacher in their instructional efforts, including but not limited to…

  • Providing a Christ-like example for the children to follow
  • Supervising children as needed, such as during teacher breaks and field trips.
  • Tutoring students in their work when needed
  • Assisting in any paperwork, grading, record keeping, and attendance.

Description of Company:

Poinciana Christian Preparatory School is a private, non-denominational Christian school. It offers education for students from K-12.

The school uses PACE curriculum, out-of-the-classroom experiences, and a ratio of 15 students to every 1 teacher to accomplish a highly individualized educational experience that caters to a wide variety of educational needs.

Poinciana Christian Prep has both Step Up and McKay government scholarship students attend our classrooms. To learn more about the school, tuition, and philosophy, please visit our website at www.poincianachristianprep.com.


St. Cloud Christian Prep

1717 13th Street,

Saint Cloud, Florida

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