Hispanic History Month Trivia Questions – Week 1!

Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s Trivia Time!

It's your turn to participate!  We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month this entire month with a final festival September 28th.  Every week just before we break from chapel, we will be announcing a trivia question for the students to answer.  How much do you about Hispanic History?  Test your knowledge by answering the trivia questions below.


Who am I?

I play the guitar.
My wife is the drummer.
I go by my last name
And I could probably afford a Hummer.


Where am I?

City established by Hispanic culture

I am right below you.
City Walk has copied my style.
I have beaches right along me.
And Adventure Island makes my residents smile.

It’s Trivia Time!

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we ask everyone to use the hashtag #PCPSHHM.

Which stands for Poinciana Christian Preparatory School Hispanic Heritage Month!  Put it on Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media to spread Hispanic History Month!

by Deanna Oxner

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