About Us

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Poinciana Christian Preparatory School is to prepare students for a successful future by providing spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, social, physical, and academic learning opportunities designed to meet the individual needs and priorities of each student.

Poinciana Christian Preparatory School provides quality education in a safe environment.

Our approach to your child’s education is different from public schools. We see each child as an individual with specific needs, strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to meet the needs, encourage the strengths and develop the areas where your child needs the most attention.

As a Christian school, we integrate three key components into your child’s education.

First, our staff encourages every child to understand what the typical Christian lifestyle is. At the same time, we do not require any student to be a Christian to attend the school.

Second, we integrate Christian components into the curriculum. Your child will have the opportunity to study the Bible while learning English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Third, we have regular ministry opportunities. There are daily opportunities to pray for and support their fellow students. Chapel is held weekly and off campus opportunities for ministry will be built into the school year.

Poinciana Christian Preparatory School provides a personalized educational experience.

One-On-One Instruction: We provide a unique style of teaching.  Each student works at their own pace with a teacher there to guide them with any questions they may have. One of the very unique points of our means of instruction is the students will be with peers their age, whether they are working ahead or behind, so that no one feels out of place.

Mastery: Our students do not fail. If the students take an exam and do poorly, the teacher will work with them on the points they did not understand. The students will continue to retake the exam until they fully master the material.

Flexibility: Students work at their own pace. With 225 days of school rather than the traditional 180 days, students are able to catch up, get ahead, or review material. Our flexibility provides students the opportunity to complete high school, for example, in two years, if they are able.

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